PoP is Cancled

As of this time the party is cancelled.

Last week while I was away on business I put up a post asking people to please book more rooms. I had over 48 people registered for the party. The number of attendees was going up. Things were looking great.

My only downside was I had many rooms still open on the floor. The hotel would soon be putting these rooms back into the general pool. This would allow non-partying going non-kinky people to be on the same floor as the party.

I received a couple of E-mails asking how sure was I that the floor would be completely booked out. I let these e-mails sit until I was able to return home. I was sure more hotel registrations would come in and a few more did.

Then Sunday night/ Monday morning a few very special snowflakes got together and felt they were being targeted. They all gathered together and decided at once to begin asking for refunds for the party. I had received e-mails from EventBrite saying I had more than 20 people cancel. Most of them in the same group as the 4 room chunk of people all staying together. This takes my party numbers to 28 people attending…. and 8 of those 20 I was flying is as special guests and people from the larger spanking community around the country. So I was set to lose major $$. While I have never come out ahead on a spanking party in Omaha. I’m not in a position to lose almost $1,300

I reached out to the people pulling out and was told they felt like they were being targeted and unwelcome at the event…. For thank I’m sorry.

But I will say this. I’m helping any of the people that I was offering to bring in for there time and services. I have re-scheduled plane tickets and paid cancellation fees. If you are some one I booked to come in and I have not taken care of you please contact me ASAP.

If you have registered and need a refund you can either contact me or you can contact Eventbrite and request a refund. If you need customer service on the matter please let me know.

I have been asked if I will do another PoP or Omaha Spanking society party in Omaha. Honestly, the answer is No. I’m no longer putting in time or effort to bring out instructors or do classes or conferences.

I will travel to parties outside the area because honestly Omaha I’m done with you.