Party/Event Rules

Please read and be sure you understand the Party/Event rules before you attend an Omaha Spanking society event.

In order to create a safe play party for all, we need to understand that rules are needed. While we can’t promise that the top/bottom ratio will be even or that the male to female ratio will be even,  we do our best to maintain a balance. 

All play at this event must be conducted within the parameters of the Omaha Spanking Society rules and regulations, which say we are a member-based social organisation dedicated to safe, sane, consensual spanking play between consenting adults.

Spanking (including paddling, strapping, flogging, caning, etc.) is the only fetish activity permitted in the public areas for this event.  

Ignoring a safeword is cause for removal from a party. Everyone is expected to help enforce the sanctity of safewords. Report any violations to one of the group owners immediately. 

(The event-wide safeword is RED) 

NO MEANS NO: If someone turns down your invitation to play, be graceful and respectful.  Anyone found to be pushing or making others feel uncomfortable may be asked to leave the event. 

Pictures: Pictures may be taken in private spaces (rooms/suites etc…) with consent!  NO cameras or phone use are allowed in the public areas of the event for the safety and privacy of those who might get caught in the background of an image. 

Do not interfere with anyone else’s scene!.  Feel free to watch if the scene is in a public area but do not get involved unless invited. 

All play must occur within the party’s public areas, and private areas. No public play is allowed outside the venue. Please respect others sensibilities. Violating this may have you not only removed from the party but also the property. 

While alcohol is not provided by Omaha Spanking Society, it is allowed at our events. We do not allow the consumption or the serving of alcohol in the public areas! If you wish to serve drinks in your room or suite, that is up to the individual.  Keep in mind some people attending may be under the age of 21! 

Public intoxication is not safe for those playing and those trying to enjoy themselves.  If it is brought to the attention of an event organizer that someone is visibly intoxicated, they may be asked to leave the event. 

While Omaha Spanking Society is open to all people, regardless of race, color or creed, as a private organization we reserve the right of refusal to any person or persons that we deem unsuitable for our social club.

By Attending an Omaha Spanking Society event, you agree to the above rules.  Omaha Spanking Society reserves the right to refuse entry and to revoke the right of attendance to anyone at any time.