Spanking 101 Class

Spanking 101 

There are many out there who believe spanking is a very simple act. Grab your partner, bend them over something and begin striking them on the ass.  Sometimes that is exactly the way it happens, however it doesn’t have to always be this way. The myriad of variations in positioning and techniques can keep the anticipation level right where you want it! As an example, some people have come to realize all too quickly that their partner can’t take as long a spanking as they can a flogging. This class will cover the antidote for this problem along with the following topics:

*Spanking strike zones 

*Communication and safety 

*Spanking implements

*Spanking Positions (Some might surprise you)

* Incorporating spanking into a role-play scenario 

If we have time I would love to dive into using spanking in different dynamics!